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Training combined events

  • In the ‘Kids’ Athletics’ and ‘Multi-Events’ stages of Athlete Development, all athletes should do two or three event activities in each session
  • Athletes who choose the Combined Events event group in the Event Group Development stage keep doing two to three events per session
  • Coaches and athletes in the Combined Events frequently use microcycles of 14 days duration
  • Microcycles of 14 days allows the athlete to train all events in each microcycle in a way that permits adaptation between sessions.

Technique Training for the Combined Events

  • Combined Events athletes do not need the technique of champions for each event
  • They do need an efficient and simple ‘basic’ technique for each event
  • A Combined Events athlete may, for example, not have the skills to withdraw a javelin – they may start with the javelin in the withdrawn position
  • The better their basic technique in each event the better their final score will be
  • The result, however, is determined by the combined total of all events – so the emphasis must be on balanced technical development.

Sample Decathlon Youth M 2015

Sample Decathlon Youth F 2015