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Sensitive phases

Childhood corresponds to a period of great change

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Physiological level

As for the morphology, the development of other components (main function) is not linear.

The systems which ensure the development of the child develop

  • at specific moments
  • not simultaneously.

Phases of maximum development are called:«  Sensitive Phases »

Impact of different systems on the athlete’s main abilities

Nervous system

  • All forms of Coordination
  • Thought / Understanding

Hormonal system

  • On the development of all the systems
  • Strength Development

Cardio respiratory and Circulatory System

  • Aerobic development (Vo2 max)

Sensitive development window in young athletes girls

Sensitive development window in young athletes boys

  • For 6 – 7-year-old children the IAAF proposes a specific event-based exercise to develop frequency(eg: Speed Ladder).
  • Coaches who apply this skill exercise/event therefore will make the most of the« sensitive phase » Speed Window 1 to develop the child’s neuromuscular speed.