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Pre-hab and sport injury prevention

Pre-hab and sports injury prevention
• Sports injuries can be limited or reduce their extremity through
pre-participation procedures which are of paramount

There are a number o activities that can be used to reduce the occurrence of injuries thus :

• Conditioning.

Preparation is key in each and every sport code. Tissues need to be strengthened and conditioned to reduce the occurrence of injuries. This technical element is key in developing a strong foundation to the season. Fitness trainers should be knowledgeable on the correct principles and techniques of training to reduce the occurrence of injuries within the field of play. For on strength and conditioning visit or page or enrol to our sports scientific strength and Conditioning course.

• Warm-Up Techniques.

Before each and every activity, the human body need to be prepared for the activity. Research indicates that the occurrence of many injuries is usually a result of poor warm up techniques. Each and every sport code has specific demand profiles which must to be complimented by specific warm up routines to minimise over straining of the body hence reducing the occurrence of tissues injuries. Each and every sport code has its own types of warm up influenced by demand profiles.

Zimbabwe Senior National team Chan Squad warming up

• Stretching Techniques.

Body tissues have different characteristics which makes them functional during activities. One of the characteristics is the level of elasticity or the ability to stretch, most injuries come as a result of over stretching beyond a tissues normal range of motion. However, there are specific methods and skills used during training according to the flow to reduce the occurrences of injuries, for example : dynamic stretches (pre training ) and static stretches (post training)…more under our sports scientific strength and Conditioning course.

• Hydration and Fluid Replacement.

The human body function is the medium of water and there is a minimum amount of water required within a human body. Athletes loose a lot of water during training hence there is need to consistently replenish before, during and after training to avoid dehydration. Note : An athlete should constantly drink water before they are thirsty because being thirsty is already a sign of dehydration.

• Nutrition.

The energy used during, and after activities is derived from food. Pre and post workout nutritional guidelines are very important to reduce the occurrences of injuries due to weak tissues. One of the key principles of effective training is recovery and nutrition plays a greater part hence reducing the occurrence of injuries.

• First Aid.

In case an injury happens, technical stuff should be knowledgeable on how to apply methods of stabilizing through the use of first aid skills. As long as you deal with athletes, this is a very important skill and reduces the extremity of injuries through stabilization and sometimes referral for clinical purposes.