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Phases of rehabilitation

Acute Phase

  • These are the most painful moments of an injury thus basically
    between the first 48- 72 hours.
  • Most minor injuries are worsened by coaches due to lack of
    knowledge on basic safety precautions.
  • This phase can be divided into two namely
    1) Injury site
    2) Reference

Injury Site

Sprinters Academy Athlete being attended to during training 2020 Season

Reference and Clinical Approach

Upon stabilizing an injured athlete he/she is referred for medical
purposes for further procedures.
• As a concerned coach, a follow up is very important to
understand the procedures since the cycle will come back to you
in trying to bring back an athlete back to play.

Post Clinical Exercise Therapy

Post clinical exercise therapy
• The main goal of every injured athlete is to return to play fully
functional; this can only be achieved if specialists in this area
are fully knowledgeable on the procedures (thus specific
musculoskeletal movements, designing of intervention programs
and return to play guidelines).
• This area should be covered by those who spend most of their
time with athletes thus fitness trainers, coaches, sports
biokineticists and sports scientists.