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Mechanical / Manual therapy

Sprinters Academy Athlete pre- training massage.

Mechanical/Manual therapy

This is the direct use of the provider”s hands. They are usually used in conjunction with or as a supplement to other methods. There are a number of manual therapy methods namely,: massage,manipulation, and joint mobilization. In this module we are going to focus on massage.


This is one of the oldest and reliable methods used in mechanical therapy due to limited resources needed .There are many methods of massage such use of hands, heels and vibrations, Lubricants are usually used and massage stroke should be towards the heart to increase venous return reducing swelling The patient should be relaxed and at accessible to the practitioner, and the practitioner should show some confidence when treating the patient.

Therapeutic and Physiological Effects
• Stimulating Cell metabolism
• Increasing venous flow and lymphatic drainage
• Increase circulation and nutrition
• Stretches superficial scar tissue
• Relaxes muscle Tissue

Contra-indication to massage
• Acute injuries
• Hemorrhaging
• Infection
• Thrombosis
• Nerve damage
• Skin Disease
• Possibility of Calcification

Manipulation an manual therapy

This is the mobilization of joints and soft tissues to allow proper functioning of a body part. All movement is passive on part of the athlete based on the concept of joint play, thus gliding and rolling of one joint surface on another.

Note : At no time should a provider attempt manipulation without education and practice.