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Therapeutic Modalities
• Create optimum environment for injury healing
• Reducing pain and discomfort
• Many different modalities to choose from

Selection of specific treatment depends on:
• Injury site,
• Type and severity
• Modality indication and contraindication
• Physician prescription
• Athlete willingness to accept treatment

More is not better
• Misuse or overuse of a modality can:
• Aggravate the condition
• Delay the athlete’s return to play

Legal concerns
• Must be administered in accordance with local regulations
• Documentations of all treatments

Types of modalities
• Cryotherapy
• Ice packs, ice massage, whirlpool, immersion, sprays
• Thermotherapy
• Moist heat packs, whirlpool, paraffin, ultrasound, phonophoresis
• Contrast
• Electrotherapy
• Iontophoresis
• Mechanical
• Massage, manipulation