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Goals of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation process

Goals of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation goals should be realistic and reachable. They can be divided into three namely short, medium and longterm. The main objective is to make sure the injured part is as optimally conditioned as possible hence leading to restoration of function to the greatest possible degree in shortest possible time.

Short term goals

These are immediate goals set upon realising the severity of an injury. Some may channel back to play like grade 1 injuries, while some help in initiating the recovery pathway of extreme injuries. Some of the short term goals includes reducing swelling and increasing range of motion.

Medium term goals

Medium terms are usually applied to injuries beyond level/grade one .They are meant to initiate strengthening leading to return back to play in grade 2 injuries , while they initiate general movement in most grade 3 injuries since they take longer to recover.

longterm goals

Longterm goals are meant for extreme injuries like grade 3 injuries. The athlete have to go through a number of phases before the fully return back to play. The recovery process can be divided into phases and can last up to 6months depending on the type of injury and location.

Goals of Rehabilitation
• Reduce Pain.
• Reduce Swelling.
• Increase Motion.
• Increase Flexibility.
• Increase Strength.
• Increase Proprioception.
• Decrease the Likelihood of Re-Injury.