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Athlete based

Why did your athletes get involved in athletics?

Athletes get involved in sports for many reasons which includes but not limited to: having fun, meeting new friends, following friends, develop their sporting skills, getting fit and achieve success.

Placing the needs of the athlete before everything else

  • the activity
  • competition
  • your personal goals/ambitions
  • the parents’ goals/ambitions

Ensuring all athletes are

  • welcomed to participate
  • valued and encouraged to explore and improve their own potential

•Coaches treat each athlete as an individual with unique

  • Needs
  • Interests
  • Goals

Recognizing the importance of providing a fun and safe environment

Athletes are encouraged to be involved in their own development

Athletes are empowered to take greater responsibility.•

This idea has been expressed as:“Athletes First, Winning Second”

Athletics is seen as one aspect of a person’s life – not his whole life. There is respect and appreciation of the coach and his work. Athletes decide with the coach the importance of competitions and strive to meet their joint expectations. There is respect for the laws and spirit of fair competition expressed as “Fair Play for all” athletes reaching their potential is seen as a success.

There is respect for:

  • Opponents
  • Officials

Athletes rights

  • Right to have fun and play like a child
  • Right to enjoy good conditions
  • Right to human dignity
  • Right to be trained by competent people
  • Right to compete with children with the same chances of success
  • Right to take part in appropriate competitions
  • Right to do sport in complete safety
  • Right to get some rest
  • Right not to be a champion