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Sports and recreational training

Sports and Recreational Training

Sport have a great influence to thousands of people upon the world, this is signified by wearing of different regalia’s and most social discussions are more centered to sport. That influence does not end in discussions but even in the zeal to execute the same skills that sports idols do. Modern wellness led to different armature sports teams coming up inorganizations with the objective of developing healthy employees and citizens. Of late we have seen the coming up of different social leagues from banks league, churches leagues and other social leagues.

As much as this is a great initiative, many end up having chronic injuries due to lack of preparedness. There are demands for every movement pattern done in the field of play that calls for a basic fitness foundation to limit the occurrence of such mishaps, hence a qualified instructor or wellness coach is needed to give advice post initial assessments before commencing such activities .


Each and every sporting activity have its own demands and due to the competitive nature of sport, everyone desires to be a winner .However its rare to find any of those participants going through physical preparations since the always look at it from the social point of you rather that the physical demand point of view. One of the basic physical preparatory precaution is warm up. Most of these individuals are not cognitive of the importance of this element and they only discover the side effects post activities.

Areas to take note

  • Warm up – For every physical activity, preparedness in key to reduce the occurrence of injuries. Every sporting activity either professional or recreational have demand profiles, hence the body should be prepared according to the demands. Many recreational athletes end up experiencing the sower part of sport as a recreational activity due to subjecting themselves to such demands without preparation.
  • Physical condition – Understanding the physical condition of a client determines the duration of participation. Many end up being pulled out after the demand overcomes their abilities and this can lead to life threatening circumstances like heart attack.
  • Safety clothing – Safety is key, if the professional players who are idols of most recreational athletes value safety yet they are at a better position physically then it is a must for all recreational athletes to value their clothing to limit obstacles that leads to injuries.
  • Mental state and external substances -Recreational training is usual done during spare time and if its related to sporting activities many usually take external substances like beer and other drugs which retards the cognitive aspects of an individual leading to injuries.
  • Cooldown – As much as preparedness is important, recovery is also equally important. The first phase of recovery is cooling down from a session they other forms follows.

Choosing Sports and Recreational activities

The choice is more independent and is based on motivation , history and fitness levels . A former footballer will usually be more attracted to play football as a recreational activity due to peers and even the ability to easily execute the required skills same goes to different sports codes, we have noticed the coming up of former elite players social clubs. Fitness levels also plays critical role since no-one want to be humiliated due to incompetency.