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Introduction to recreational fitness /leisure

Recreation and leisure are terms often used interchangeably. Both relate to what people choose to do in their free time; time that is not otherwise used for work, school, or other activities like appointments and chores. Leisure time is any free time that can be used to pursue personal interests. Recreation is an individual’s preferred pleasurable and enjoyable activities in which they engage during leisure time.

Many fitness instructor miss the point by not researching why an individual choose to train and not putting value of the responsibilities and duties that a client does for a living. If we are to make money out of this industry, the services given by a recreational fitness instructors should promote efficiency in the clients responsibilities rather that adding a burden. There should be a totally different approach in addressing this population because they are totally different from high performance groups , that makes a living out of training.


Recreational fitness should become a lifestyle to your clients rather than labor (remember they don’t earn a living out of your programs but they are seeking for healthy lifestyles that will help them execute their responsibilities efficiently). Many ancient Recreational fitness trainers believe in no pain no gain motto which by all means is against the principle of progressive training , anyway : If this is to be adapted as a lifestyle WHO CAN ENDURE A LIFESTYLE OF PAIN YET PAIN AS WELL IS AN ALARM FROM THE BODY THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. Moreover, the clients are not rushing for any competition, WHY RUSH THEM ( More on principles of training ). If they demand beyond Recreational then use high performance techniques and principles as directed in our other high performance courses.

In this course we will be developing a modern day recreational fitness instructor based of scientific principles .