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Human anatomy and physiology


Anatomy is the structure and organization of the human body.

3d rendered illustration of the female anatomy

In other world it is the visible structure that forces many clients, to seek help from recreational fitness Instructors. As mentioned in the previous chapter there are many factors that leads people to train and this is one of the key factors due to body shaming especially in female clients. The anatomy maybe due to genes, aging, lifestyle, medical conditions or response to other internal factors like post natal in ladies. It is very important to have a detailed research on the causes of the present body type before prescribing a training program… more as we go through the course


This is how the human body operates, the effects of physiology is what we see as anatomy. In other words physiology is the cause whilst anatomy is the effect. Physiology cuts across different systems of the body as explained in the next chapters.

Bacterial pneumonia, medical concept. 3D illustration showing rod-shaped bacteria inside alveoli of the lung