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Fundamentals of throws

•Shot put / Discus / Javelin / Hammer -All events have different restrictions: Implements and Runway areas. However, a great number of common elements can be emphasized.

Julius Yego ( Kenyan Javelin record holder 92,72m)

Commands Throwing Events

S a f e t y

To reduce the risk of injuries the Lecturers & Coaches commands for all throwing events should be:

  • Preparewhen all are prepared
  • Throw”  only after all have thrown
  • Collect.”

Layout for JAVELIN Throwing Area

Increase “motor density”:

  • After all “athletes” have collected their javelin
  • “Reline” followed by next throw in the same direction

Location for SHOT Throwing Area

Layout for SHOT.1

Layout for DISCUS.1

Layout for HAMMER.1

Layout for HAMMER.2