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Factors that influences people to train

There are many factors that brings people to training, before engaging an individual as a client, you need to be aware why an individual is joining you. Training is like a prescription where there is need for detailed understanding of what would have brought the client to a decision to be seeking for your assistance. Many end up giving up on the way because many self proclaimed recreational instructors without understanding on how the human body operates would have subjected them to unregulated loads leading to fatigue and injuries.

Recreation training should lead to a lifestyle rather than looking like a punishment. Most individuals coming to seek help will be having other life duties from work; social and family responsibilities hence they have to be treated with caution even more careful than high performance clients since some may be fighting other health and lifestyle battles. The first point of call is to research on factors that would have influenced them to seek for assistance.

Note : Do not underestimate the knowledge of your clients. Some will just be looking for motivation whilst they have an understanding of principles of training.

Nyasha Charandura ( Group Director and Author Major Sports Consultancy Africa…