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Sports Science is there to compliment technical and tactical coaches to overcome the barriers limiting human performance. Application of scientific principles in coaching has transformed sport over the past decade, signified by breaking of records across different sport code ( Athletics – Usain Bolt, Football – Cristiano Ronaldo amongst other legends of modern day sport)


High Performance Consultancy (HPC)


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Science Based, Player Centred & Coach Driven.

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Sports Scientific Strength & Conditioning Level One 12 Weeks

Strength and Conditioning is the main component of all high-performance training. Until recently. fitness has been linked to hypertrophy and aerobic endurance training, yet there are at least 5 key bio-motor abilities to be trained.

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Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems in Sports Level One 12 Weeks

Seeking to obtain competitive advantage and manage risk of injuries, team sports organizations are investing in tracking systems that can…

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Football Science & Fitness Level 1

The application of scientific principles plays a vital role in the 21st-century environment. Sports Science is the search for the…

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Our Focus Areas

Science based. Player Centered. Coach Driven.

Modern coaching is Science Based, Player Centred & Coach Driven, the application of scientific principles is the foundation for optimum training. Coaches should adapt to meet the demands of 21st-century loads since the intensity of activities is gradually increasing whilst the volume remains the same.

Cutting Edge Technology (GPS Tracking)

Sports Technology has transformed sport over the past decade. Of late, it was difficult to calculate training loads and match value loads but the coming in of technology brought a new picture. Join us and become a 21st Century Coach.

Class Presentation

We have experience of highly knowledgeable and experienced presenters with the ability to address high performance issues according to your sport demand profiles.


Sports science is more of a practice than theory, during our presentations we go through practical demonstration through videos so that our students gets the real picture of the activities

Entrepreneurship & Empowerment

Sports is a billion dollar industry. Our main goal is to develop and mentor Sportsprenuers who will be able to change the industry through world class service provision, over the past two years we managed to raise many across SADC.

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